Traditional Western Short Stories

A Wolf Creek Christmas
    by Ford Fargo

'Twas the Fight Before Christmas
by Jacquie Rogers
A 10,000-word story in
Wolf Creek, book 9: A Wolf Creek Christmas

Gib Norwood owns a large dairy operation outside town, along with his brothers Peter and Paul (whom his late father conceived with a slave, Glory, who also lives with them). Christmas finds them in a dispute with the troublesome ranch hands of cattle baron Andrew Rogers -a dispute that involves a wagonload of prostitutes from Abby Potter's School for Wayward Girls, including Miss Abby herself.

Wolf Creek 6 - Hell on the Prairie

The Muleskinners #1: Judge Not
by Jacquie Rogers
A 10,000-word story in
Wolf Creek, Book 6: Hell on the Prairie

Elsie Parry and her father are headed to California, when their wagon is attacked by vicious outlaws, who happen to be biding time until they make a second assault on what's left of Wolf Creek. This story takes place concurrently with Wolf Creek, Book 1: Bloody Trail and is the first of a series. Other stories in Hell on the Prairie are written by Troy D. Smith, Chuck Tyrell, Clay More, Cheryl Pierson, Jerry Guin, and James J. Griffin.

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