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Jacquie Rogers is a former software designer, campaign manager, deli clerk, and cow milker. Her 2007 release, Faery Special Romances, won the Fall NOR Award for Best Print Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance and finaled several other contests. She also has stories in two other print anthologies--soon to be e-published as well. Her current print release is a short contemporary novel, Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues, which has received several top picks and 5-star reviews.

She teaches several workshops both online and in person, and is co-creator of 1st Turning Point, a website where authors come to teach, learn, and share--all about promotion and marketing.

Jacquie has donated all royalties from Faery Special Romances to The Children's Tumor Foundation, ending neurofibromatosis through research.

Presentations and Workshops

Writing Craft:

Plotting by the Bones
Step-by-step instruction on how to merge situation and character to build a story structure (called the "bones"). Handouts available on the Classes page.

You Can Make a Story!
  (This class is for 2nd to 4th grade kids)
This is a fun class where we create characters and put them in a serious pickle. We're not so concerned about whether the story is a book, play, or a song--just that the child exercises his creativeness.


Here, There Be Dragons
  (with Eilis Flynn)
Dragons have a strong tradition in nearly every culture--some fearful, some honored. Here Be Dragons examines the mythology around the globe and how we can draw from other cultures to enrich our own.

Faeries Along the Silk Road
  (with Eilis Flynn)
Faeries and other supernatural creatures have lived long in our mythology, and they're found everywhere, not just in Ireland. Starting with Hollywood, Eilis and Jacquie will take you on a journey along to the UK, then turn right to Silk Road across Asia, and sail the Bering Strait back to America, visiting faeries and exploring the worlds in which they live.

Gamblers and Lightskirts
Step back into the Old West--a smoke-filled saloon with a professor playing the honkytonk piano, a bartender shining shotglasses with a towel, a mustached gambler dealing from the bottom of the deck, and a tipsy barmaid, ready to take the gents upstairs--just as soon as the gambler wins the next hand.

Author Promotion:

Twenty Career Tips for Emerging Writers
  (with Ann Charles)
Jacquie Rogers and Ann Charles talk about twenty important career tips for new and intermediate writers to help them learn how to be create a professional writer's platform from the start.

Pre-Published Promotion: Get a Jump-Start on Your Career
  (with Ann Charles)
These days, you need to begin building an 'author presence' before signing that first contract if you want to sell enough books to win another contract. No longer can you wait to start selling yourself until you have a book coming out. Start while you have the time to prepare physically and financially for the promotional marathon to come. In this workshop, Jacquie Rogers and Ann Charles talk about the 1st Turning Point in a writer's career--learning marketing and self-promotion.

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Night Owl Romance Award for Best Print Fantasy/Sci-fi Romance(2007, for Faery Special Romances)

Golden Heart Finalist

Worst Amateur Golfer Trophy

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