Fantasy Romance Short Stories

Single Girls Can't Jump
An 8,000-word single read
by Jacquie Rogers

Activist Shelley Clark parachutes out of a plane to protest a silly Florida law prohibiting single women from skydiving on Sundays, and makes a hard landing a thousand years into the future. In jail! Can she trust the sexy rebel, Kael Gibson, who busts her out? And how about Kael's mom, who's decided Shelley would make the perfect daughter-in-law. Kael agrees, and now wants to trap Shelley in another form of imprisonment--marriage!

Faery Merry Christmas by
    Jacquie Rogers

Faery Merry Christmas
A 15,000-word novella
by Jacquie Rogers

Who would've thought Mr. and Mrs. Claus's daughter would be "on the shelf"? Yep, Cheshya's all a'flutter because her 2,000th birthday, the last day she's eligible to take a mate, is on Christmas, only four days away, but Liam of the Red Clan, the only man she has ever wanted is otherwise occupied... What will it take to make a Faery Merry Christmas? "What faery fun!" ~~Stella Cameron, NYT Best-selling Author

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