Much Ado About Mustangs

Hearts of Owyhee #5

by Jacquie Rogers

Much Ado About Mustangs - Hearts of Owyhee #5

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Trick riding, horse thieving, actress stalking, cowboy loving... This latest addition to the Hearts of Owyhee series is an exciting and fun read. ~Kassy

I enjoy romance with action and adventure as well as a dose of humor. Much Ado About Mustangs has everything a reader can want. ~Caroline Clemmons, bestselling author of The McLintocks series

Sexy, Fun, and Exciting!

Secret lives, hidden dreams, and forbidden sex in the Old West—what’s a woman of nobility to do when a handsome rancher tears through her world like an Owyhee dust devil?

A Stunning British Aristocrat

Or is she? Lady Pearl Montford has performed in theatres all over the West for crowds of all sizes, but what would the world say if her secret was found out--that she's really plain old Pearl Jane Evans from Kentucky. To make matters worse, Pearl's past life as a professional trick rider is floating to the surface thanks to an unsavory suitor from her past who wants either her--or $10,000.

A Frustrated Rancher

Rugged Josh McKinnon has a ranch to build and blooded horses due in any day, but there's one problem standing between him and his dream—Lady Montford, a high-falutin' diva actress. Wrangled into playing opposite the snooty Brit in Shakespeare's ‘Much Ado about Nothing,’ Josh has to put his ranch on hold and put up with her nonsense for two weeks. Only thing is—how can he focus on his ranch when all he can think about is the way Pearl sits a horse?

Much Ado About...Love?

With a slew of critters causing stirs left and right, meddling family members and townsfolk playing cupid, and horse rustlers causing a ruckus, Pearl and Josh have a heck of a time keeping their minds on the play and their hands off each other. When the dust settles and the curtain falls, will Pearl and Josh be able to overcome the odds working against them and find love in the wild Idaho countryside?

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