Much Ado About Madams

Hearts of Owyhee #1

by Jacquie Rogers

Much Ado About Madams by Jacquie Rogers
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* A story this good can only come from the imagination of Jacquie Rogers *
~ Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

* A rollicking riot of a good read! *
~Ann Charles, author of Nearly Departed in Deadwood

* A romantic trip to the Old West stamped with Jacquie Rogers' special brand of humor *
~ Caroline Clemmons, author of Brazos Bride

A suffragist schoolteacher with a hidden past,
Six shopworn whores cooking up plans for a better future,
And a hunky cowhand who isn't quite sure what to do with all these women...
Life isn't always comfortable at The Comfort Palace!

If you'd like a humorous Linda Lael Miller or an old west Rachel Gibson novel,
you'll love Much Ado About Madams!

One of the best fun westerns I've read. In addition to all the great gun fights, villains and maidens in distress, there's a love story that is hard-headed funny! Wait till you meet Lucinda. She can get smack-dap in the middle of trouble without even trying. But will true love survive? This historical western is a great read! ~Amazon reviewer

Much Ado About Madams is the first book in the Hearts of Owyhee series, all set in Owyhee County, Idaho Territory, during the 1880s.

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Hearts of Owyhee series!

Hearts of Owyhee series

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