Much Ado About Marshals
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Much Ado About Marshals at Amazon 1885, Idaho Territory
Who knew this business of finding a marshal to marry could be so confusing?

Daisy Gardner's fondest desire is to be a lady detective just like her favorite dime-novel heroine, Honey Beaulieu. But her parents are losing patience with her flights of fancy and demand she marry a local rancher. To avoid being married off into farmwife servitude, Daisy forms a new scheme--to hire, then marry the town's new marshal. She will be his partner in crime solving and have a husband as dedicated to absolute honesty as she is! With just one look at the dashingly handsome marshal, she knows he's the right man for the job. But when her dream man turns out to be an imposter, can her heart override her need for truth and justice?

Shot in the leg while preventing his big-hearted but dim-witted best friend from robbing a bank, Cole Richards must get out of town before he and his friend become honored guests at a hangman's necktie party. But when beautiful vivacious Daisy Gardner mistakes him for the new marshal and sets her hand to nursing him back to health, he succumbed to a new malady--her charm. He has to get away from town and Daisy. Soon. Can he escape with both his neck and heart intact?

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