Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues


Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues by Jacquie Rogers

Ooo La La Well, hello there, Ma'am These humans are driving me crazy!

Coffee Time Romance Reviewer's Award!

Cherokee of CTR reviews Down
    Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues    CTR awards Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues
    the CTR Reviwers Award

Cherokee says:

I enjoyed the way Socrates narrates Down Home Ever Loviní Mule Blues. Socrates lends great humor to the tale. The dialogue and antics are fantastic. I love the sparkling characters and the chemistry they emit to each other. Jacquie Rogers takes Socrates and Guinevere, the skunk, along with some other frisky animals, and sets in motion one awesome read. The games alone are interesting and entertaining. With some laugh out loud antics, the secondary characters put an extra spin on the story, making the couple really shine in this extraordinary tale with splendid characterizations allowing this reader to feel great inside. Read the rest of Cherokee's review.


ParaNormal Staff Top Pick!

PNRStaff Top Pick!     ParaNormal Romance

Deborah from ParaNormal Romance says:

The author's talent shines, giving a fast-paced, humorous tale that marks her as an author on the rise.
It's sexy, sharp, witty and just plain fun!
   Deborah Macgillivray, PNR Reviewer, author of A Restless Knight Read the entire review


TRS 5-Heart Sweetheart of the Week

TRS 5-Heart Sweetheart of the Week!   TRS Sweetheart Reviews

Dee Dailey of The Romance Studio says:

***** Jacquie Rogers gives us an excellent romance guided by Socrates' comments, plans, and ingenuity. Living up to his name he uses his wit and wisdom to get around all the road blocks his two humans seem to put between them. He's an escape artist who can get out of any trailer, barn or shed he's put in. These animals are the stars of the book. Any of us who've ever had four legged friends of our own can easily relate and marvel at the lengths they will go to in order to get Rita and Brody together. . . The author does a great job with the human characters too. . . This is a well told story that will keep you interested and smiling throughout. ***** Read more at The Romance Studio.

Night Owl Romance Reviews   Night Owl Romance TOP PICK!

Night Owl Romance Top Pick
and Feature of the Week!
Diana of Night Owl Romance says:

***** Without a doubt, I fell in love with this storyline from the very beginning. I absolutely loved how Ms. Rogers created a comical story and did a superb job of holding the readerís attention right to the very end. I loved the characters she created and couldnít help falling in love with Brody myself. The author had me laughing so hard throughout the story that my sides were hurting from all the antics Socrates and his friends were constantly up to. I honestly didnít want the story to end... I will recommend this story not only to my fellow animal loving friends, but also to anyone that would love to read a lighthearted love story that will entertain you for a few hours. This is definitely a keeper in my library and I look forward to reading many more stories from this talented author in the months to come. Youíve done a fantastic job, Ms. Rogers. ***** Read more at Night Owl Romance reviews.

Huntress Reviews

5 Stars from Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews:

***** A light-hearted and hilarious romp into a world of rodeo clowns, family values, and romance, this story kept my attention glued tighter than a cowboy to the back of a crippled bucking bronco. Whether you enjoy fast romances with big business or the slower pace of a laid back western, this tale is for you. The menagerie kept me chuckling with delight throughout the entire story. Socrates is the main one in the animal spotlight, but the skunk just cannot help but outshine the mule often and the dog is a delight to behold. All-in-all, a perfect book to cuddle up with during the colder months of the year. Excellent! ***** Read more at Huntress Reviews.

Singletitle Reviews

Susiq2 of says:

***** I am so thrilled to discover this book, and the author who wrote it. I adore romantic comedy. Rarely do I locate a story with as much humor, joy, and downright lust spread so thickly on the pages that I am surprised that I could turn the pages. Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues is a treasure not to be missed. Thank you, Ms. Rogers, for all of the laughter, and joy that you bring to the reader of your fabulous book. Major Kudos to you! Now, when is your next book published? I am ready for more...***** Read more at

Book Reviews by Crystal

Book Reviews by Crystal gives 5 Hearts:

Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances has really outdone herself with Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues. I could not help laughing at Socrates' plans and antics, I was love struck by the way her characters truly wanted each other . . . It was so touching, heartwarming, and very well written that I could not put it down. . . Jacquie Rogers has a way of writing fantasy romances that puts the city girl with the cowboy in a most spectacular way with this novel. 5 Hearts (Read the entire review)

Book Cove Reviews

Mark of Book Cove Reviews says:

... if you're an animal lover you'll definitely fall in love with this one, if not, let's say you will be after giving this book a try...Jacquie delivers laughs and some happy tears through adventure, one you'd definitely want to read over and over again...You will definitely want to hold this book close to your heart; Miss Jacquie sure knows how to bring a story to life, especially through unimaginable humor. (Read all Mark has to say at Book Cove Reviews.

Ghostwriter Reviews

SkyWalker at Ghostwriter Reviews gives 5 Stars:

Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues is a highly entertaining read . . . well written and thoroughly enjoyable. Read more at Ghostwriter Reviews.

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