Much Ado About Mavericks

Hearts of Owyhee #4

by Jacquie Rogers

Much Ado About Mavericks

When you read a Jacquie Rogers book, you know you're in for a fast, fun ride!

FIVE STARS from Detra Fitch of
Huntress Reviews

Jacquie Rogers writes some of the best Historical Romances on today's market.

Not content to simply write a plot and toss in a lot of bed scenes and/or filler, this author adds in subplots, humor, action, suspense, and some endearing strays. The secondary characters come across as real people, instead of cardboard cut-outs, and have their own set of problems. It is nice to have a hero who cannot only do the hard, physical work required of him, but also be highly educated as well.

Absolutely fantastic!

A sexy ranch foreman who just happens to be a beautiful woman
A Boston lawyer who wants to settle his father's estate and go back East
Rustlers who have another agenda in mind
Mayhem endangers them all--but can the foreman and the lawyer ever see eye to eye?

Benjamin Lawrence is a highly respected attorney in Boston, but in Idaho Territory, they still think of him as that gangly awkward boy named Skeeter. When he goes back home to settle his estate, he's confronted with a ridiculous will that would be easy to overturn--but can he win the regard of his family and neighbors--and the foreman?

The Bar EL's foreman, Janelle Kathryn aka J.K. aka Jake O'Keefe, is recognized as the best foreman in the territory. But being the best at her job still isn't enough--now she has to teach the new owner how to rope, brand, and work cattle before she receives clear title to her own ranch, the Circle J. The last thing she expects is rustlers. Can she save her ranch without losing her heart?

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